English brewery is delivering delicious, sustainable beer

Some could argue that beer is the greatest gift given to man. Now what if we could give back to the planet as a way to thank it for this heavenly drink? One English brewery decided it would do exactly that and is brewing beer using bread destined for the bin.

The genius idea of using food waste to create beer was thought up by Tristam Stuart, founder of Feedback. Feedback is an association created with the sole intention of reducing food waste not just in the UK, but worldwide.

Stuart realised one day just how the insane the amount of perfectly usable bread is that is simply thrown in the bin that could be repurposed instead. So, he decided to do something about it and got in touch with a local brewery.

Enter Wold Top Brewery in Yorkshire, headed by Alex Balchin. Feedback recovers the odds and ends from a local sandwich factory and supplies it to the brewery where it is incorporated in the mashing process during the brewing. This equates to less waste as well as some seriously tasty beer.

Together, Toast Ale was born. There are currently 4 different brews in production and available to purchase on their official site. If you need any convincing, even celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has given it his stamp of approval.

So next time you’re looking to crack open a few lagers, why not do something for the planet and pick up one of these bottles. Trust us; somehow the idea of reducing waste makes the beer taste better.

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