Cadbury Creme Eggs: Win Big Money By Finding The White Chocolate Creme Eggs At Tesco, Sainsbury's, Or Co-Op

Seems like someone at Cadbury is biting Mr. Wonka’s marketing tactics. The chocolate company is launching rare limited edition Creme Eggs into the market, and if you find one you may just win big...

We know that Cadbury Creme Eggs are supposed to be reserved for springtime around Easter, but frankly why should we deprived of these delicious chocolate eggs the rest of the year? Cadbury has listened to our prayers and decided to bless us with our eggs as early as New Year’s Day.

But that’s not all! In true Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fashion, a few limited edition white chocolate eggs will be released. Until the 1st of April, a select few of these incognito eggs will be mixed in with the rest of the regular eggs and be distributed throughout the UK. Find one of these bad boys and you could win yourself a sound reward.

Should you unwrap your Creme Egg and find that it sports an unusual colour, you could find yourself anywhere from 100 to 2000 pounds richer.

Unfortunately - and expectedly - some people have decided to ruin the fun and have started unwrapping eggs in store without purchasing. Reports have come in from around Britain that many of the eggs have been tampered. Not only is this a shameful tactic, but actually rather gross as well. Want a more sanitary pro-tip for spotting the potential winning eggs? Check the ingredient list on the packaging, there may be a different ingredient for eggs of the white chocolate variety.

So what are you waiting for – make your way down to your local Tesco, Sainsbury’s, or Co-Op for your chance before someone else snags the grand prize!

Cadbury Creme Egg: The hunt is on to find the £10,000 winning egg Cadbury Creme Egg: The hunt is on to find the £10,000 winning egg