This Is The Brutal Workout Program Jason Momoa Followed For The New Aquaman Film

This Is The Brutal Workout Program Jason Momoa Followed For The New Aquaman Film

The new Marvel film, Aquaman will be in cinemas 12th December 2018 which means now is a great opportunity to have a look at the training program the main actor, the impressive Jason Momoa, followed in preparation for the film.

Jason Momoa has always been known for his impressive body. Playing Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones, this native from Hawaii is often seen playing huge characters. And the new Aquaman film from director James Wan isn’t any different.

A workout program supervised by Mark Twight

To prepare for this role, Momoa followed a very specific workout program that was supervised and created by Mark Twight. This American coach, who was a former mountaineer, is especially famous for helping to get the Spartans in shape for the film 300, directed by Zack Snyder.

His method is unusual and uses a balanced mix of functional, whole-body movements combined with isolation exercises and climbing as well, which Jason Momoa likes. Twight also insisted on using ‘trisets’, a method involving 3 consecutive series of different exercises targeting the same area.

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Details of his training

To work on his pectorals, this is when the ‘trisets’ come into play. Twight dictated numerous exercises to Jason Momoa: incline bench press, standing dumbbell press, pushups and cable crossovers. For the lifting exercises, the weights were set at 70% of the actor’s one-rep max, in other words, quite heavy.

To work on the lower part of his body and his legs, Momoa had to do numerous exercises known as ‘sleds’ (both pulling and pushing), quad extensions, dumbbell walking lunges and Bulgarian squats. Twight always concentrated on leading a healthy lifestyle, but whilst also having fun, and it seems like it works!

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