This Armenian broke the world record for two-finger pushups!

Hrachik Kostandyan broke the world record for two-finger pushups. This performance was recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records, and you can admire his physical and mental strength in our video above!

This Armenian Broke the World Record for Two-Finger Pushups!
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He broke the world record for two-finger pushups

Are you in pain after only a dozen pushups? Take a look at Hrachik Kostandyan. This young Armenian, wearing a kimono, broke the world record for two-finger pushups.

57 reps

This Armenian not only broke the record, but he also managed to set the bar very high by doing a whopping 57 reps, using only his two index fingers. An incredible performance by this young man who, in spite of a small audience, managed to dig deep to beat this extraordinary record.

A simple but effective technique

His technique is simple: he positions his fingers slightly inward to help his arms support the weightof his body. After 40 seconds of pushups, he takes a very short break to relax his arms without moving his fingers and then begins again to finish the minute with 57 pushups. We're not going to lie, your fingers will hurt after just watching him. This is an incredible show of power, but also of mental strength!