The Perfect Ab Workout That You Can Do at Home With No Equipment

In light of times like these when we are forced to stay at home for an indeterminate amount of time, we’ve decided to come up with some short, yet intense workout routines that you can do at home to help you stay in shape.

Due to the current lockdown that we are stuck in, we have to use our imaginations when it comes to staying in shape and getting exercise, especially if you don’t have a garden where you can stretch your legs and clear your head. As we have already explained above, we've got the perfect core exercise for you.

Focus on the abs

For this workout, we are going to be focusing on our abs with three quick, simple and easy exercises that will strengthen and tone your abdominal belt.

- Sit-ups (12 reps): Sit down with the soles of your feet firmly glued together and slowly lower the top half of your body down to the floor while tensing your core. Then raise yourself back up, keeping your arms tensed and stretched out in front of you in order to put all the work into your abs.

- Diagonal mountain climbers (10 reps per leg): Once again, this exercise will work your abs in a static position and the movement is simple. Place yourself in a plank position and lift your knees up to cross in front of your chest. This exercise is very effective and will work your internal and external obliques to create that precious V-shaped torso you have always wanted.

- Swiss ball (45-second intervals): This very effective exercise works both your abs and your abdominal sleeve. Position your forearms on a Swiss ball, or any other unstable, round object, and make circles with it. The imbalance and effort required to keep yourself stable works all of your abdominal area so you get that definition.

Repeat the circuit 4 times! Sweating yet?

This Military Workout Uses No Equipment - So You Can Stay Fit At All Times, No Excuses This Military Workout Uses No Equipment - So You Can Stay Fit At All Times, No Excuses