The Mountain Practices With 445kg Squats Ahead Of Thor’s Powerlifting Challenge

Whilst preparing for his own competition, Thor Bjornsson, also known as the Mountain, has once again shown off just how in shape he is. The strongest man in the world can squat 445kg without even flinching.

We’re not going to bother explaining who this guy is again, but should we be asking ourselves how far he is willing to go to prove how strong he is? Until proved otherwise, Thor Bjornsson is an incredibly strong man, but his performances are starting to sound some alarm bells.

Currently preparing for Thor’s Powerlifting Challenge (a competition he created himself that will take place on 15th December 2018), the Mountain regularly posts short clips of his training methods and routines on social media. We were quite surprised when he posted a video in which we can see him squatting the incredible load of 445kg on his Instagram account. The worst thing was that he didn’t even seem to flinch at all.

Whilst we can hear cries throughout the entire video, we can also see that the strongman’s motivation never wavers, even today. It seems that nothing can stop him and, in the run up to his next competition, he has already given us the gift of increasing his deadlifting weight to 520kg. Join us on 15th December to see the latest about this competition.

Game of Thrones' The Mountain Has A Big Challenge For You Game of Thrones' The Mountain Has A Big Challenge For You