It’s Proven: Women With Large Chests Suffer While Doing Sport

Lack of motivation, money, time…There are lots of reasons which prevent us from doing sport. But there’s one which up until now has gone unnoticed: the size of your chest. One study has just proven that a woman's chest size can affect how much exercise she does.

Women have been complaining of this problem for a long time, but it’s only now that scientific studies have confirmed that there is a link between the size of your chest and participating in sport. According to a recent study published in the journal JSAMS, women have an extra obstacle: their chest size. It has been proven that women with large breasts spend 37% less time doing sport. The reason: the movements which sport involves are painful.

What is hypermastia?

Researchers have analysed the mechanical effects of physical effort on the tissues. 355 Australian women from 18 to 75 years old took part in the experiment and were split into four groups: small breasts, medium, large, and those who suffer from hypermastia. This illness manifests itself by lower back and neck pain because of the heavy weight. To alleviate these pains, many women opt for breast reduction surgery.

According to the experts’ calculations, during physical activity breasts can move vertically up to 19cm, and up to 4cm on the other axes. A distance of 2cm can be enough to cause pain. For large-chested women, doing sport can quickly become an ordeal. “The size of your breasts should be recognised as a potential barrier to physical activity in women”, the scientists concluded. “ It is imperative that strategies to help large-chested women suffering for hypermastia are found, so that women can take advantage of the health benefits associated with an active lifestyle.”

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