At 81 Years Old, This Man Is Set To Become A Bodybuilding World Champion

Toshisuke Kanazawa is an example of motivation for everyone. A former bodybuilder who had fallen into bad habits, he hit the gym again at 50 with the goal of becoming world champion. Now, at the age of 81, his motivation remains intact.

It’s never too late to start bodybuilding. Winnie Clements, a Canadian woman aged 96, has already been an example of this, but Toshisuke Kanazawa’s achievements are unmatched.

Highs and lows

At the age of 20, this Japanese man discovered the joys of body conditioning. Quickly becoming a fanatic, he took the lead in claiming the title of Bodybuilding World Champion. After becoming a national champion twelve times, he lost his dream of reaching global standards.

Toshisuke was 34 when he hung up his boots, wounded by his failure. He sank into alcoholism and began to smoke. For 16 years, the former champion did not cross the door of a gym or lift a dumb-bell.

Returning to the top

This was how he unexpectedly regained motivation. At the age of 50, Toshisuke wanted to return the body of his younger years to please his wife and to be in good shape. He hit the gym, and went on a soya- and protein-based diet (to gain muscle mass QED).

In 2016, he came to the fore after participating in a competition. After gaining sixth place he put himself in the lead for the title of world champion. Now aged 81, he has preserved his motivation and says that he won’t retire until he is at least 85. Age really is only a question of perception!

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