A 62-year-old man broke the planking World Record with an incredible time!

George E. Hood is used to taking on challenges. His latest achievement? Breaking the planking world record with a hardly believable time.

George E. Hood is a real machine! This 62-year-old former military man has just beaten his own planking record. His first record was set 5 years ago, when he recorded an incredible time of 5 hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds. He then literally destroyed this old record by nearly three hours.

All in all, he stayed in the plank position for 8 hours, 5 minutes and 15 seconds; a monster performance for this famous sexagenarian from the fitness world. To achieve this record, the fitness coach trained for 9 months.

He said on Instagram:

'Its official and I'm so very proud of this one. Grateful for a TeamHood crew and support from around the world. Many thanks to Lis Begin at @beginproductions for her diligent work with GWR and the media outreach on my behalf. I'll continue to share this experience as often as I can. With the setting of this particular GWR, I have officially retired the pose as I know it and will move onto other endeavors. This is the link to the GWR page detailing the event and our accomplishment.'

Certified by the Guinness Book of World Records, this feat was taken on to raise funds for the Braidwood Area Healthy Community Coalition. An association that fights for, and raises awareness on mental health issues. On his Instagram account, he explained that he wants to continue breaking records for this good cause.

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