700 Pound Woman Starts Weight Loss Journey At 40 Years Old

At the age of 40, Charity Pierce has reached the morbid rank of the most obese woman in the world. At over 55 stone, her body did not seem human anymore. Today, Charity has embarked on an ambitious program. The goal: losing as much weight as possible to get healthy again.

This woman's weight had reached a stage that was compromising her future life. At over 55 stone, Charity Pierce put her life in serious danger. She couldn't even get up out of her bed anymore, nor walk alone. Washing was always a challenge. She had to get help for everything. In addition to that, huge masses were developing on her legs and buttocks.

The woman participated in a show to help her lose weight. Entitled 'My 600-lb Life,' each episode covers a year in the lives of obese people. As we go along, the show reveals their attempts to reduce their weight to a healthy level. During Season 3, Charity, from Houston, USA, started the show at 55 stone.

Considerable weight loss

The weight gain seemed irremediable. The doctors tried everything to reverse this infernal spiral. Eventually, Charity was able to have surgery, and the surgeons placed a gastric band in her to significantly reduce her stomach, and help her lose weight. Thanks to the support of her family and especially her fiancé, Tony, the effects were quickly visible. The young man was afraid that his partner would be exhausted by this unbearable daily life.

At the end of the show, broadcast in 2015, she managed to lose over 20 stone in just one year. A real victory for Charity Pierce. To date, she has lost more than half her initial weight to reach 20 stone... Although there is still a long way to go, the results are already very visible.

Now it is her daughter's condition that worries her, who is gaining a little more weight every day, while her mother continues to lose weight. The two women will certainly be hand in hand to cope with this disabling weight gain.

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