The cats of ET is all grown up, this is what they look like now

It’s impossible to forget Steven Spielberg’s 1982 flick, ET, but it may be a little harder to remember some of the cast members.

In 1982, audiences around the world fell in love ET, the alien who found himself on Earth. Elliot, the young, lonely boy discovered ET and developed a friendship with the alien, and together he and his brother and sister try to keep ET a secret from the government.

It’s easy to remember the plot, but what about the cast members? What do they look like today?

Let’s start with the most memorable name: Drew Barrymore.

In the flick, Drew played Gertie, Elliot’s sister. Drew’s career began when she was very young, and it continues to flourish today. Ever since ET, she’s starred in numerous popular films like The Wedding Singer, Charlie’s Angels, Riding in Cars with Boys, Never Been Kissed, Ever After, and the list goes on. She’s also the executive producer for the new Charlie’s Angels flick.

Sometimes it can be tough to transition from child movie stardom to a successful acting career in adulthood, but Drew proves that it’s possible to do so.

What about the rest of the cast? Did anyone else find as much success as Drew?

Tune into our video to find out...

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