The Secret Ingredients In Big Mac Sauce Have Finally Been Revealed

There are many urban legends surrounding the subject of cooking. And we have one to add! The recipe for Coca-Cola? Nope, the recipe for Big Mac sauce!


In fact, the recipe has been clearly posted on Canada’s McDonald’s Youtube page since 2012. It has more than 6 million views, however results seem to be anecdotal when it comes to foodies who have tried to make the recipe. However, we tried the recipe and were quite close to the real thing.

It is Dan Coudreaut, McDonald's executive chef and vice president of culinary innovations who provides the real recipe. It is very simple: Mayonnaise, white wine vinegar, sweet pickle, a little garlic powder, etc…

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The most ironic thing is that this well-kept secret gave McDonald’s the idea of creating 10,000 limited edition bottles of Big Mac sauce. The bottles were numbered and enthusiasts bought them all up immediately. A bottle even sold for £80,000 on Ebay. Even today, bottles cab still be found on the auction site for £120 per bottle, while with Chef Dan Coudreaut's recipe, you’ll only need to spend a few pence; quite ironic.

You can see the entire recipe in the video above.

James Guttridge
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