Google Earth user sparks conspiracy theories after discovering a 400ft 'ice ship' in Antarctica

Some people love nothing more than to explore the deepest pits of Google Earth and every now again they find evidence of what could be a massive conspiracy theory. Recently, one man has been lucky enough to discover a 400ft 'ice ship' off the coasts of Antarctica.

Google Earth explorers have produced many exciting things over the years such as UFOs and potential secret army bases. And, to add to the list one man has discovered a 400ft 'ice ship' in Antarctica.

The strange 400ft block of ice was discovered by a self-proclaimed 'Earth watchman' who posted a video of his findings on Youtube channel after being tipped off by another source.

The iceberg has a striking resemblance to a cruise liner complete with windows and a deck. The video has sparked many conspiracy theories about what might really be under the layer of ice.

In the video, the YouTuber zooms in on a section of Antarctica and then switches to a 3D view so viewers can get a real sense of what the ice ship looks like. MrMBB333stated:

You look down on it and it looks like the outline of a ship. This one here measures over 400ft long - 428ft to be exact. Whatever that is, that looks like a ship. An ice ship, whatever you want to call it, that's what it looks like: a 400ft yacht just sitting there off the coast of Antarctica.
Youtube/@ MrMBB333

While the block of ice could very well be just a block of ice, we can't deny our hopes that it's something more exciting. Many conspiracy theorists have different speculations on the discovery and what it might be. One commenter mentioned:

I have heard people say that after WWII there has been a lot of movement in Antarctica; like military movement, not sure but it would not surprise me. Thank you for sharing such fantastic photos and such interesting and questionable things out there @MrMBB333.

Another stated:

That does look like a YACHT FOR REAL!!!

The Youtuber mentions that the discovery can be found below NZ and around 100 miles off the shore of Antarctica. But, if you try and zoom in on the image you'll find that Google Maps has blocked the area. Very suspicious. One user commented:

The fact that we are not given current unedited satellite images anywhere of OUR Planet tells a very loud & clear story of was probably is that they say isn’t.

Another chimed in:

Much more attention needs given to this continent. Wasn't always frozen.

Earlier in the video, the 'Earth watchman' also discovered what looked like a torpedo or maybe a 50ft submarine. He stated:

That's as big as a five-storey building. At 50ft long it could very well be a small submarine or some sort. Don't know.
Youtube/@ MrMBB333

We may never know what lies among the ice, maybe Antarctica does host some secret government bunkers and abandoned war materials. But, the search for answers still continues.

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