Google Earth reveals a stranded UFO among Antarctica waters

A strange object has been spotted on Google Maps and it looks suspiciously like a UFO, reigniting the beliefs that Antarctica is hiding many strange secrets.

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The discovery was made by researcher Marcelo Irazusta who stumbled across the object on Google Maps, just off the coast of Graham Land in Antarctica.

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In the video Irazusta posted on his Youtube account, a strange silver disc can be seen afloat among the Antarctic waters. The disc can easily be described as a large piece of rock or ice but Irazusta is convinced that it's aUFO:

It can be very deceptive with a block of ice, I do not discuss it, but from my point of view, [the UFO is] totally metallic, not ice.

It is still unknown what the object really is but this isn't the first time something weird was found amongst all the ice. Previously an emerging structure was found in Antarctica as well as a giant creepy sculpture of an alien face.

Mysterious Antarctic alien face.

The face can be seen in the Admiralty Mountains in the New Zealand-claimed Ross Dependency. The face is actually half a mile long and theorists have conflicting ideas on the creation of the statue. Some believe the statue is evidence of aliens but many people think the face is actually evidence of an ancient civilisation.

Unfortunately, the truth is much more mundane. Live Science explains that the face is just simple rock erosion but human brains are programmed to recognise faces in objects called pareidolia.

There are a number of theories as to the cause of this phenomenon. Experts say pareidolia provides a psychological determination for many delusions that involve the senses.

Check out the video above to see the mysterious UFO!

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