Conspiracy Theorists Believe They Have Found Hitler's Argentina Bunker

World War 2 conspiracy theorists may have found what they believe to be, the bunker in which Hitler supposedly fled to in Argentina.

Reports from a 2018 study on Hitler's teeth prove that the dictator did indeed die in 1945 but some theorists can not be bought and some who believe the man fled to Argentina think they might have found his bunker.

There are some who believe that Hitler escaped Germany in a submarine and fled to Argentina. This rumour was further fulled by 'sightings' of the man in 2016. This time conspiracy theorists think they have discovered even more concrete evidence of Hitler's escape.

The History Channels Documentary Hunting Hitler'lead private investigator Steven Rambam to Charata in north Argentina, to a home that used to belong to prominent Nazi leader Karl Buck.

Property previously owned by Karl Buck Hunting Hitler

The reports of the potential bunker came from an FBI informant in November 1945 that stated:

Hitler is in Argentina, he is living in a great underground establishment beneath a vast hacienda, 675 miles west from Florianopolis.

After gaining permission to access the property owned by Steven and Tim, David Kelly, a sub-surface imaging specialist took out his own analysis of the property. In the documentary, Kelly investigates the scene when his equipment detects a 'busy disturbance'. Steve stated:

We are surveying the property, and then we find one little blip that looks like the beginning of the entrance, And one foot later are five tonnes of bricks sitting there, covering whatever that little anomaly is.

After discovering activity below the surface of the soil Kelly sent the images away for experts, Dr John Cencich and former CIA officer Bob Baer to investigate further. Cencich stated:

What we see here is certain anomalies, we can see that the depths here are different. That depth tells me that something is buried at 8 to 10 feet below the surface of the ground. Was this a place an underground facility could have been located? Yes.

However, just because it could be a bunker doesn't mean it was Hitler's bunker. Researchers in 2018 finally put this conspiracy to rest after an investigation on his teeth proved that he couldn't have fled to Argentina:

The teeth are authentic, there is no possible doubt. Our study proves that Hitler died in 1945.
They found this coffin under a house... What they found inside made their blood run cold They found this coffin under a house... What they found inside made their blood run cold