5-meter white shark devours diving instructor in Australia

A 35-year-old diving instructor, Simon Nellist, was attacked, killed and devoured by a white shark while swimming a hundred meters from the beach.

Swimmer killed by 5m white shark
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Swimmer killed by 5m white shark

This is the first attack of this kind since 1963. On Wednesday February 16, a white shark approached an Australian beach of Little Bay and attacked a diver, a few meters from the shore.

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A sudden attack!

Fatal shark attack

A white shark had just emerged from the water and attacked a swimmer. He attacks it, kills it and devours it, according to a witnesses:

We heard a scream and turned around - it sounded like a car had landed in water.

Another witness reported:

(The victim) screamed at first. Then when he was pulled under the surface, there was so many splashes.

According to the various people present during the incident, the animal was almost 5 meters tall, making him a giant shark. Following this attack, which happened near the coast, the authorities closed many beaches east of Sydney and asked the population not to go swimming.

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Victim was hitched

Simon Nellist

An hour after the attack, the body of the victim, Simon Nellist, was recovered, along with his equipment. Simon Nellist was a 35-year-old British boy, originally from Cornwall, he spent many years in the army, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Simon Nellist was an expatriate in Australia and had become, in recent months, a diving instructor.
According to sources, he was to get married soon. Simon Nellist is described by his family as a lover of 'aquatic wildlife.'

Some family members told the Daily Mail:

We don't think Simon would have liked the shark to be killed. He loved nature.

Australian authorities are still actively looking for the animal in order to send it off, or at least to remove the threat. Surprising footage was uploaded on Twitter shortly after the incident. The social network subsequently banned it.

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