This Hole in the Ocean Was Thought to Be Created by Thor Himself

Discovered in 2005 by hikers, Thor’s Well is a mysterious and surprising natural phenomenon situated on the west coast of the United States, and it continues to attract visitors.

Thor's Well
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Thor's Well

Thor’s Well, which is located on the Basalt Stretches of the American coast, has sparked much talk over the years. Discovered in Oregon by hikers near the Siuslaw forest, it is described as an unusual place which is both magical and dangerous.

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The sinkhole, which is deemed too treacherous even for experienced divers, has an estimated depth of 20 feet and a diameter of 16 feet, with many entrances to underwater galleries as well as caves. The origin of this pit has still not been determined. But legend says that it was Thor, the god of thunder in Nordic mythology, who created it with his lightning bolt.

Despite the risk, it is preferable to go and see this sight closer to winter, during high tide when there is a lot of wind. The funnel can propel the water to a height of up to 20 feet, like a geyser.

Tourist points even offer excursions along the Cap Perpetua, a place where nature has free rein. There are wooded parts, but also paradisiacal corners with white sand where you can spot sea lions and whales.

The place works its magic at sunset, which makes the moment more remarkable. The mystery of Thor’s well always attracts a large number of people, so that they can keep the memory of this natural phenomenon forever.

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