An Ancient Underwater City In Egypt Hasn't Stopped Revealing Its Secrets

The dive made by these archaeological-divers was definitely fruitful. Right in the middle of the underwater city of Heracleion, they discovered lots of treasures in remarkable condition.

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Ever since it was discovered in 2000 by the French archaeologist Franck Goddio, we haven’t stopped discovering new things about it. Not far from the village of Aboukir in Egypt, lies Heracleion, an ancient port city that was most likely covered by water 1,500 years ago. The images of its underwater ruins are unreal and reminds us strongly of Atlantis.

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Right in the middle of these remains, a team of divers made a remarkable discovery. They identified jewels and pieces of gold in amazing condition, as well as the remains of a funeral boat. You can find the images in the video above.

A port city drenched in history

The artefacts they have just found are completing the mysterious puzzle of the city Heracleion piece by piece. To reveal them to the general public, divers used non-invasive scanners, allowing them to obtain images of the artefacts that were buried at the bottom of the ocean.

Today, the city sleeps150 feet below the surface. But according to historians, Heracleion was built in honour of the hero Hercules around the 8th century and Queen Cleopatra was crowned in one of its temples.

Heracleion is also said to have been visited by Paris and Helen of Troy before the Trojan War. Therefore, you could say that Heracleion is a city full of history and still has lots of secrets to share with us. Franck Goddio himself admits: ‘A couple of years ago, I said we had found 5% of Heracleion, but we discovered that the town covered another town, so I have to divide that by two.’

Check out the video above to see the images for yourself...

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