Prince Charles takes a sneaky sip of beer while visiting local businesses

No one can resist a pint of beer, not even the heir to the royal throne.

Prince Charles
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Prince Charles

Now that businesses are opening up once again in the UK, Prince Charles and Camilla went on a royal tour of the local businesses in Clapham, South London. The intention was to show the public that it was safe to leave their homes, but it looks like the Prince got more out of the tour than he expected.

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Stopping by the pub

They stopped by various places including a Michelin-starred restaurant, a pet shop and a florist. Now, no one can take a tour of a British city without stepping into a pub, and the Prince of Wales is very well aware of his heritage. His highness and his lady love decided to visit one of the many pubs that share his royal title—Prince of Wales, which is located in the Old Town area of Clapham. Prince Charles didn’t just look around, he actually went behind the bar and pulled himself a tall pint of Sambrook’s bitter like a natural. Dermot Connell, the landlord of the pub said:

They thought we might have to push him into doing it but he volunteered.
It's good that he's getting out and about and showing people it's now safe again to be in the pubs.

A sneaky sip

After pouring himself a pint, the Prince then lifted his mask and took a sneaky little sip while Camilla watched. According to Connell, the royal ‘seemed to like’ the beer.

Apparently, the Prince has always joked about visiting every pub in the UK that was called ‘Prince of Wales’ for a free drink and now he’s crossed one pub off of that very lengthy list. Metro found that there are at least 158 pubs that are recorded with that name so the Prince should step on it if he wants to finish his pub crawl before he is King of England.

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