Kanye West Wants to Create a Christian Version of TikTok Called ‘Jesus Tok’

Kanye West’s newest idea? The rapper has recently had a ‘vision' for a new Christian version of TikTok.

It's no secret that Kanye West has always been considered a bit of a problematic character over the course of his career, yet the past couple of months have seen some of his most erratic behaviour yet. Between his controversial comments regarding Rosa Parks and slavery, his wife and extended family, and his potential bid to run for president, he's certainly been making some noise as of late.

Just this week, West had what he's calling a vision and shared his next revolutionary idea: a Christian version of TikTok.

‘Jesus Tok’

A vision just came to me… Jesus Tok [...] I was watching TikTok with my daughter and as a Christian father I was disturbed by a lot of the content but I completely loved the technology.

Although no one seems convinced by the name ‘Jesus Tok’ yet, the idea did appeal to some internet users, who had some fun imagining the future content of the app. A devote Christian, this idea shouldn't come as much as a surprise to those familiar with West.

A not so crazy idea?

Since Trump recently declared war against TikTok, the social media site is expected to soon be bought by an American company and be managed and monitored under the US flag. As a result, the number 1 platform among teens, besides some of the more inappropriate content, will need to undergo lots of changes over the coming months. Making an entirely Christian platform may sound bizarre a first, but the rapper insists that, above all, it is about protecting young children.

Furthermore, as Urban Fusion has explained, TikTok has recently signed an agreement with UnitedMasters to allow artists to broadcast content on the platform with a direct link to streaming services. This would allow Kanye West, who works quite closely with UnitedMasters, to generate a lot of income.

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