‘Iron Mike’ Tyson Is Making a Return to the Ring and He’s Looking Better Than Ever

At 53 Mike Tyson is looking to get back into the ring once more and show the world exactly what he's capable of. He revealed during an Instagram Live stream with Rapper TI that he plans to fight in some 3-4 round exhibition matches for certain charities.

From intoxication and drug use to anger management and depression, Tyson has had many ups and downs in his long career. By the year 2000, he went from a world champion boxer to being jailed due to a 'road rage' incident where he attacked two motorists.

Mike Tyson's last professional boxing match was back in 2005 where he faced Irishman Kevin McBride. Tyson's final match ended in defeat when he threw in the towel before the start of the seventh round. In a dramatic turn, he stated afterwards that he was finished with boxing:

I don't have the guts to be in this sport any more, I'd liked to have continued, but I saw that I was getting beat on. I just don't have this in my heart any more. I'm not going to disrespect the sport by losing to this calibre of fighter. This is my ending. I'm not interested in fighting any more.

For over a decade now, the ex-fighter has set his sights on performing on other stages such as the big screen and has also tried his hand at being a venture capitalist. He even hosts a podcast titled HotBoxIn' with Mike Tyson where he talks with a number of guests.

Now it looks like Mike is finally ready for his return to the ring after all these years and is getting in shape to do so in tremendous fashion. In a video posted on his Instagram feed, we see him with Muay Thai trainer Rafael Cordeiro and he looks faster than ever!

We're definitely looking forward to his first fight back!

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