Remember That Time Mike Tyson Went After A Group Of 10 Bouncers Who Were Bullying His Mates?

We've all heard stories about Mike Tyson's past when he was in peak form. However, this one about a night where he completely lost it and went after a group of bouncers is one of the best.

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This story is somewhat reminiscent of the one when he knocked out the actor Wesley Snipes after seeing him flirt with his girlfriend at the time.

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Or even the time where he tried to fight a gorilla in a zoo to show his physical dominance over the magnificent creature.

Under the guidance of legendary trainer Cus D’Amato, Mike Tyson added to his natural aggression a unique style which made him into the youngest heavyweight champion of the world in history.

But outside the ring, he could be uncontrollable, like when he followed overzealous bouncers who were going after his friend Fat Joe.

More recently, Mike Tyson prefers to avoid talking about anecdotes involving violence that happened in the past as he’s a completely reformed person.

However, some stories like this one are a good reminder of what a machine he used to be and also what kind of person was and still probably is, willing to take on multiple people to defend a friend.

Check out the video above for the full details and hear just how Mike planned on taking on the group!

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