These Heroic Villagers Saved A Dog Being Strangled To Death By A Python

When a vicious python coiled itself around a dog in an attempt to strangle it, a group of villagers came to the dog’s aid. After a bit of an intense struggle, the men eventually made a breakthrough.

A violent encounter between a vicious python and a small dog was caught on camera recently when a group of villagers came across the distressing attack in progress. The dog had supposedly gone missing from a farm in Brazil and the villager search party had been launched to find it.

When the villagers found the scene, they came face to face with the culprit: a python. Known to be the longest snake in the world, this is surely one of the last things they would've liked to bump into when looking for the pup.

Initially, the dog was found in the river wrapped up in the clutches of the massive snake, who had coiled itself around the pup, in an attempt to strangle it. Upon finding it in the water, one villager managed to grab the snake with his bare hands, and pull it out onto the grass verge.

Based on the footage we've seen prior to this one, it seems pythons definitely have something against dogs. Fortunately, the previous time we heard about this happening also ended well for everyone (except the python).

Even weirder, we've even seen cases where snakes like pythons and anacondas become cannibalistic and actually eat their own. Suppose they may just be opportunistic feeders then.

With the snake sprawled out on the grass, still with the dog tied up in its grasp, villagers made an intense effort to try and free the dog from being violently strangled to death. Using both sticks and their bare hands, their efforts to save the animal have been classed as heroic.

Check out the video above to see the dramatic rescue for yourself!

A python was about to make a meal out of this dog A python was about to make a meal out of this dog