Terrifying footage shows a great white shark attacking a fishing boat

The people on this fishing boat got the shock of a lifetime when a massive great white shark decided it liked what they had caught.

This chilling scene occurred in Florida, United States. In the video above, you can see what appears to be a great white shark, attacking the net on the side of the fishing boat, before heading back to the depths.

This would have been an incredibly intense experience, and thankfully no one was hurt. Great white sharks are said to be the world's largest predatory fish.

The captain of the boat, Carter Bates, spoke to the American media NBC Miami about this shark encounter and how truly harrowing yet incredible it was.

When he is there, near you, it's a little intimidating, but beautiful at the same time, because it is a creature that I may never see again.

Captain Bates says the animal was at least five metres long.

Suzy Grumbo, the young woman who captured the scene on her smartphone, also spoke about this unexpected meeting:

It's definitely an experience that makes you humble. I went from a young woman in a small city ​​to a young woman with a great white shark.

Check out the video above to see the extraordinary footage for yourself!

A huge great white shark was attacked by an even bigger shark (Video) A huge great white shark was attacked by an even bigger shark (Video)