One diver suffered a terrifying moment as a shark decided to put its jaws around his head

A video has recently gone viral of one divers lucky escape as a giant tiger shark decided to use his head like a lollipop.

The incident took place in Beqa Lagoon, Fiji last year as a Malaysian tourist and his friends decided to embark on a dive in the beautiful Pacific waters.

It was on that dive that the group would encounter the biggest tiger shark in the bay named, 'Big Mama'. Other divers have reported that groups would often play 'Russian roulette' with the 16ft shark, pushing her away as she got closer to the group.

Sharks aren't largely dangerous to humans but according toNational Geographic, the Tiger Sharkis the second most dangerous to people. The tiger shark attacks humans more often than any other except for the great white. With a rather terrible palette, tiger sharks will eat anything from fish to people to car tyres. Unlike other sharks,the taste isn't likely to put them off.


The video shows 'Big Mama' getting close to the group and trying to get a good lunch in, taking the man's head in her mouth in a strangely calm manner.

The rest of the group tried to strike theshark, eventually forcing her to let go of the unnamed tourist's mouth ripping off his mask in the process. The divers toldthe Fiji Times:

'The shark turned to bite the divers and my friend was the unlucky one. At that time all the divemasters rushed to push her away, but it was already too late. His head was in the shark's mouth and later the divemaster managed to kick her away.'

The victim was rushed to a local clinicand luckily his only injury was a 3.4-inch gash on his head. However, the tour leader apparently took multiple days to respond to the issue.

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