Impressive footage of hungry piranhas in a river in Brazil

When they stumbled across a piranha-infested river, these travellers didn’t hesitate to throw scraps of meat into the water to test the ruthlessness of these little animals. The footage they managed to capture is truly spectacular.

Ah Brazil… The rich culture, sublime landscapes, colourful cities, luscious forests and countless things to discover! A destination that we all dream of visiting, but it turns out that this country is also full of animals that we really wouldn’t like to encounter in our day-to-day lives; far from it in fact… We’ll let you judge for yourselves though.

A ravenous pack

If you’re planning to visit Brazil soon, this video might make you think twice before diving into the rivers for a quick dip. In the impressive footage you can find at the top of this article, you can see a group of tourists tossing large chunks of meat into a river infested with piranhas, which are known for their voracity and ferociousness. And there’s a good reason they have this reputation too, since these animals can pick up on the slightest drop of blood.

An immediate reaction

No sooner had the pieces of meat touched the water than ripples started to appear, followed by the thrashing of the sharp-toothed fish. It almost looks like they’re possessed! It doesn’t make you want to stick your toe in, that’s for sure.

This particular video reminds us of another piranha attack in Argentina that killed over 70 people. Which is just further proof that you shouldn’t mess around with these far-from-harmless little animals… Try to bear this in mind if Brazil is your next holiday destination.

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