Impressive footage of an anaconda trying to swallow an alligator

In Brazil, locals rescued an alligator that was being swallowed by an anaconda.

This is something you don't see every day. In Natal, a small town in the northeast of Brazil, some inhabitants witnessed a terrifying sight on a road. A 6.5-foot long anaconda was trying to swallow an alligator, and this battle between the two giants impressed the crowd present.

The snake had wrapped itself around the alligator, ready to suffocate it before eating it, as anacondas do. The anaconda does not chew its prey: it swallows it directly, and sometimes this can last for hours. Unfortunately for the reptile, the locals did not let it finish what it had started, coming to the rescue of the alligator in distress.

The anaconda is the largest snake in the world Getty Images

The two animals were saved

The inhabitants attached a rope onto each animal to separate them. They were then taken back to the forest that borders the town. The inhabitants made sure to take a picture while holding the anaconda in their arms, immortalising this once in a lifetime moment.

The anaconda is the biggest snake in the world. In addition to its size which can reach up to 26 feet, it can weigh up to 230 kg. This snake feeds mainly on large rodents, fish, but also turtles and birds. They can also attack larger prey, and can even feed on other snakes. Females in particular often feed on males.

Impressive Images of an Anaconda Swallowing Its Prey (Video) Impressive Images of an Anaconda Swallowing Its Prey (Video)