A bizarre creature was filmed on the banks of a Ukrainian river but nobody knows what it is

In Ukraine, a strange creature was filmed on the banks of a river... One thing's for sure, the person who filmed this creature must have been terrified!

A Bizarre Creature Was Filmed on the Banks of a Ukrainian River but Nobody Knows What It Is
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There are plenty of videos of very strange creatures all over the Internet. In fact, one of them really caused a stir... You'll see why!

The Teteriv River

This video hails from Ukraine, more specifically from the Teteriv River. The footage shows a man approaching the banks of the body of water.

With a pole in his hands, the man makesa surprising discovery. In front of him, an indescribable mass comes out of the river. It wasprobably an animal...

A mutant creature?

Although the person filming this spectacular scene tried to come in contact with the creature, it quickly escaped. However, you can discover this strange beast in the video above.

Several theories came to light. Some believe it's an unknown species of fishor maybe some kind of crocodile. Others think it could be a mutant creature because the river is located a few kilometres away from Chernobyl, the nuclear power plant.

What do you think? Check out the video above to see the strange footage for yourself...