New Study Reveals Which Country Drinks The Most Alcohol... And It Might Not Be What You'd Expect

Some countries are known for having a high rate of alcohol consumption. But who do you think drinks the most? American researchers investigated the question in a study conducted over several decades. Here’s what they discovered.

In the UK, we love to have fun and live well. We like our food, but we also like our alcohol. In your opinion, are we the biggest drinkers? American researchers studied the alcohol consumption in different countries over a period of several years. Here are the results.

Between 1990 and 2016, researchers from the University of Washington investigated alcohol habits across the world. They studied the findings of 28 million people from 195 different countries. They discovered that Denmark was the country with the largest number of drinkers: 97% of men and 95% of women drink alcohol regularly.

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If we’re talking amounts, it’s Romanian men and Ukrainian women who drink the most alcohol per day: 8.2 units for Romanian men and 4.2 for Ukrainian women.  A pretty impressive ranking!

As you can see, we’re actually quite good in the UK.

Oliver Davis
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