Cocktails: KFC Launches Line Of Gravy Cocktails In Collaboration With Mixologists

Simply put: KFC gravy is what dreams are made of. It may as well be liquid crack. KFC and expert mixologists have teamed up to bring us something we didn’t even know we wanted until now: gravy cocktails.

Have you ever finished a 6 piece bucket from KFC, spotted that you’ve still got some gravy left over, and wondered what you were going to do with it (besides necking the whole thing)? Well you’re in luck – KFC has teamed up with expert mixologists to create some gravy inspired cocktails.

In theory it may sound like this has absolutely no chance at being anything but disgusting, but apparently these fried chicken infused tipples are actually pretty good! And really, how much different is one of these than a nice hot mug of Bovril during game day?

The introduction of these “stocktails”, or stock cocktails, is a no brainer according to KFC marketing manager Marion Racine: ““We know our gravy is good enough to drink – so with stocktails being a real hit at the moment, what better ingredient to take them to the next level”?

The team behind the concoctions have come up with three unique drinks have even posted the recipes online for curious fans to try and whip up at home. All you need to do is pop over to a local KFC and pick up a pot of that heavenly gravy!

The ingredient list:

1. The Gravy Mary

- 50ml vodka

- 20ml KFC gravy

- Spice mix: 20ml Worcester sauce, 3 drops Tabasco, 3 grinds white pepper, pinch of celery salt, pinch of paprika, half teaspoon horseradish cream

- 15ml fresh lemon juice

- 90ml tomato juice

- Garnish: celery, popcorn chicken (optional)

2. The Finger Lickin’ Sour

- 100ml KFC gravy

- 400ml mezcal

- 15ml cherry liqueur

- 25ml fresh lemon juice

- 10ml orange marmalade

- pinch of salt

- pinch of pepper

- 1 egg white

- Garnish: sprig of thyme

3. The Southern Twist

- 50ml Kentucky bourbon

- 60ml fresh hot KFC gravy

- Pinch of black pepper

- 2 teaspoons granulated brown sugar

- 4 teaspoons dried parsley

- Garnish: parsley and brown sugar rim

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