Woman awakes to meteor crashing into her bedroom

A Canadian woman got the fright of her life when a meteorite crashed in the middle of her bed; an unlikely event that could have cost her her life.

Ruth Hamilton, a British Columbia native exclaims having been 'shaking and very scared at the time' as she awoke from a potentially lethal loud 'boom.'

'I couldn't understand what had happened'

On 4 October, while she was sleeping peacefully, a meteorite suddenly crashed through her ceiling and landed only a few centimeters away from her, onto her bed. In an interview recounting the events to Victoria News, Hamilton explained that:

I jumped up and turned on the light, I couldn't understand what had happened.

When she woke up, startled and utterly confused, the Canuck quickly spotted the celestial object sitting on her pillow, right next to where her head usually rested. She said:

I thought an intruder had jumped on the bed or it was a gun or something. It was almost a relief when we realized it couldn't have been anything other than something that fell from the sky.

After coming to her senses, Hamilton called the police, who quickly concluded after arriving on the scene that the rock could not have come from a nearby construction site. The only possible explanation was that a meteorite had fallen through her roof. A hypothesis quickly confirmed by neighbours who explained that they had seen the impact with their very eyes.

'Life is precious and can disappear at any time'

After this incident that could have cost her her life, Hamilton has remained rather optimistic saying that:

I am just stunned by the fact that it is a piece of star that fell from the sky. It may have been around for billions of years.

Before adding:

The only other thing I can say is that life is precious and it can disappear at any time, even if you think you're safe in bed. I hope to never, ever take it for granted again.
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