Watch This Snowboarder Take An Incredible ‘Sky Jump’ In The Middle Of A Storm

A ‘sky surfer’ decided to go on a sky dive right in the middle of a storm that was brewing in the skies above Florida! The footage is spectacular, but we don’t recommend you try it at home…

Have you ever heard of ‘sky surfing’? This is a sport that combines snowboarding and skydiving in the same activity. With a surfboard strapped to your feet and a parachute on your back when you jump out of the plane, you can then do acrobatics in the sky, before safely landing with the help of your parachute, to slip and slide along the ground… Can you even imagine!

An added challenge

We bet this ‘sky surfer’ got a huge adrenaline rush that day! As if jumping out of a plane with a parachute isn’t impressive enough as it is, Sean MacCormac decided to do so right in the middle of a storm! During this jump, he ‘surfed’ between the lightning flashing in the skies above Clewiston, Florida, in the United States.

A risky game to play, since whilst falling from the plane, he wasn’t protected from the lightning. He carried out this achievement in partnership with Red Bull, and at the very least, it made for some incredible, yet completely crazy footage! But it wasn’t by accident that they chose this spot. The Florida sky is one of the most lightning-prone out there, and lots of researchers come here to study this phenomenon.

In this video, we can see that there is a stark contrast between a ‘normal’ flight and one in the middle of a storm! In the second part, the sky is dark and bleak, only lit up by all the lightning that was flashing in the sky. We’re wondering just where Sean MacCormac got such an idea from! But you have to admit, the footage is breath-taking.

Check out the video above to see Sean's jump for yourself!

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