This woman got caught cheating on her boyfriend in the most awkward way

Cheating stories sure are the worst, but this one is mega-cringe. Read on to find out why!

It looks like Jackie can't hide anything from her boyfriend, even when she tries!

A little surprise

Jackie was a on business trip in Atlanta, when she decided to surprised her boyfriend with a little something. Before she headed in to take a shower, she wanted to send a couple of saucy pictures that she knew her boyfriend would appreciate.

She captured some cleavage action, then her naked breasts. She thought she was having some harmless fun, but little did she know that that one picture would wreck her relationship.

His response

She expected her boyfriend to shower her with compliments, but instead he asked her, 'Are you alone?’

Surprised, she answered that she didn’t know anyone in Atlanta. Her boyfriend wasn't convinced so he did some digging. He found out her hotel room number, and then called the hotel to find out if she was actually alone. He then learned that that the room wasn’t reserved under his girlfriend’s name, but actually under her bosses!

How did the picture give her away?

Jackie's boyfriend was actually smarter than she thought. In the picture, he saw a suitcase that he didn't recognise before. He knew for sure that the suitcase was not hers, so whose could it be? After a little snooping he finally caught on and boy was he angry.

Now fully aware of the situation, her boyfriend told her that she would be able to collect her things in bin bags outside their house. That must have hurt…

Check out the video to find out more!

She Thought Her Boyfriend Was Cheating So She Got Her Own Back She Thought Her Boyfriend Was Cheating So She Got Her Own Back