This Russian Pilot Feared For His Life When He Came Up Against THREE Tornadoes

A pilot managed to land his plane with no problems despite three tornados spinning around him. Incredible.

Nature can sometimes be both impressive and terrifying! Especially during extreme weather conditions when the consequences of these disasters can be quite dramatic!

Proof in Russia

For a few days, the Russian town of Sochi, located on the coast of the black sea, fell victim to violent hurricanes. A video dating Tuesday 29th August 2017 shows a plane flying among three enormous tornados above the water before finally managing to land in the airport a few towns over.

One of the most eventful flights

We can imagine that these passengers were fearing for their lives during this flight, but the landing was perfect despite the turbulence and no one was injured at all. However, no less than nine other flights had to be diverted to neighboring towns until the situation calmed down. Better to avoid them than tempt the devil we suppose…

A phenomenon captured through some striking footage

Although it was terrifying, some tourists who were watching in the distance even found this scene magnificent to witness and took photos and videos. But be that as it may, we don’t wish we were the passengers on this plane…

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Check out the video above to see the incredible scenes for yourself! 

Anna Wilkins
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