This Pilot Lost Control of His Helicopter Just After Takeoff (Video)

In Fiji, the pilot of this helicopter lost control of his aircraft ...

Flying a helicopter is no easy task. It takes a lot of work, cold blood and hours of practice to master an engine like this one. So if bad weather gets in the equation, the situation becomes even more complicated for the pilot and the passengers...

Hell in paradise

On the island paradise of Fiji, aboard this helicopter, seven people were scared for their lives. In fact, the aircraft was about to take off when the pilot lost control of it. This terrible incident was probably due to the force of the wind, which was particularly violent on that day. You can also see on the video that the trees are moving a lot.

Uncontrolled takeoff

While the aircraft manages to get off the ground, it hovers above the ground for a few seconds before completely spinning, and turning on itself at a brisk pace.

A minor incident

These images are very frightening, but thankfully there were no injuries. None of the seven passengers, or people on the ground watching and filming the incident, were hurt, though it must have been a terrifying experience.

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