Hundreds Of Aircraft Have Crashed In Iceland's 'Bermuda Triangle'... And We Finally Know Why

In Iceland, hundreds of military aircraft have crashed, creating an astonishing and mysterious cemetery. Today, we finally know the reason for these accidents. Check out the video above for the full explanation!

Icelandic plane
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Icelandic plane

If there's one mystery that has endured for centuries, it's that of the Bermuda Triangle, close to Florida. But this phenomenon of unexplained disappearances is taking place in other parts of the world, especially over the Myrdalsjokull glacier where hundreds of aircraft skeletons have been lying for decades.

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In 1973, a US Army C-117 crashed on an Icelandic beach for no apparent reason. And for several decades, the fuselage of this aircraft hasn't moved an inch, becoming a real attraction for tourists who dare brave the cold Icelandic air to take some photographs.

But this accident isn't isolated. Since 1941, 358 American planes have been damaged in Iceland. But why? Simply because... of the weather! A changing, chaotic weather system that has created a sort of "Bermuda Triangle" for planes in the area.

In fact, in this part of the island, temperatures tend to fall sharply, which leads to a major loss of control for planes. Depending on the severity of the temperature drops, the consequences can be catastrophic - as demonstrated by all of these crashes that occurred at the time. Rest assured, nowadays technology is much safer and these kinds of accidents are much rarer.

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This Scientist May Have Solved The Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle! This Scientist May Have Solved The Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle!