This NFL Cheerleader Was Fired For Posting This Photo To Her Instagram

Bailey Davis, cheerleader for the New Orleans Saints was fired after posting a simple photo on Instagram. She has since launched a complaint against the NFL, denouncing the draconian rules and regulations of the organisation.

While gender equality remains an important issue in all circles of life, when it comes to sport it seems to create large amounts of controversy. NFL cheerleader Bailey Davis was fired from her position at the New Orleans Saints this year, after posting a picture of her wearing a swimsuit. On the face of it, there is certainly questionable doubts over the legality of the firing.

NFL restrictions on cheerleaders

It’s important to know that the NFL imposes strict rules and regulations on all of its cheerleaders. It is banned for cheerleaders to appear naked, half-naked or in lingerie in any post that’s published publically. Furthermore, they are also banned from attending any private events with the players as well as being banned from having any contact with them, either in real life or online. Even Davis’ mother has said that she only has the right to say ‘hello’ or ‘well played’. Cheerleaders also have a responsibility to ensure that players don’t try to follow them on social media even when using fake names.

Different rules for players

What’s most absurd about this story is that the players are not imposed by similar kinds of restrictions. They are even allowed to contact cheerleaders as and when they please, without being penalised. For the girls, they can be fired at any time, even if they make a simple mistake.

Bailey Davis has since launched a full complaint against the NFL for sexual discrimination deeming their rules, regulations and principles unacceptable.

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