This man made a shocking discovery in a sock bought at Primark!

A man made a macabre discovery in a pair of socks bought at Primark. This discovery turned out to be quite traumatising. Read on to find out more.

Primark, a famous Irish retailer with a worldwide reputation for affordable clothing, has attracted attention for a very surprising reason. This story is sure to make a lasting impression next time you’re shopping at Primark…

A shock after buying a pair of socks

Police in Essex, England, have opened an investigation into a curious sock affair, as reported by CNN. A man bought a pair of socks at Primark, however, the socks ended up containing something very frightening.

One of the two socks had ahuman bone inside of it! This horrible discovery must have traumatised the man, especially since the bone in question had no trace of skin or flesh, meaning it must have been cleaned. Could there have been a crime behind this discovery?

The company apologises

The Primark fashion chain then publicly apologised at a press conference:

Primark sincerely apologises to customers for the suffering caused by the item.

However, the shop chain was not implicated in this very strange case, since there was no indication that the bone came from their factories. A customer most likely hid the bone in the sock, but in any case, this story is very strange.

Find out more details about this mysterious affair that has shocked the world in the video above!

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