This Is What Can Happen When You Drink a Shot of Pickle Juice Every Day

After seeing a jar of pickles in the bag of goodies given to her husband after a 3 mile endurance race, Ileana decided to prove the health benefits ​​of pickles by drinking the juice for a week. So what were the results?

Before embarking on this crazy experiment,Ileana did her research on the internet. She found several health benefits of pickles; they decrease or stop cramps by inhibiting the sending of electrical signals in the body, their juice can also hydrate while working out, it can also allow for weight loss as well as providing the nutritional value which is beneficial for the body.

Here are the details of her day by day experiences:

Day One: Starting is more complicated than expected. It takes her more than 10 minutes just to raise the first shot of pickle juice up to her mouth. Ultimately it isn’t too bad although the flavour is a little strong in the mouth.

Day Two: Today, Ileana has cramps. She drinks the pickle juice and isn’t in pain anymore by the end of the day. She doesn’t know if this is because of the pickle juice.

Day Three: Drinking pickle juice has become almost a normal thing to do. However, after her workout, she has cramps once again…

Day Four: The next day, nothing. No more pain at all, and it is usually the day after a workout that the pain from cramps is the worst.

Day five! She has already made it further than we would have Ileana Paules-Bronet for LittleThings

Day Five: According to Ileana, she feels the most tired two days after working out. But today, no cramps at all. She is beginning to believe in the beneficial effects of pickle juice.

Day 6 and still going strong! Ileana Paules-Bronet for LittleThings

Day Six: This is the first time that she drinks a shot of juice in front of her boyfriend. Despite his disgust, he still does not mind kissing her. Still a positive effect?

Day Seven: Ileana is happy to reach the end of her experiment, which has been a success.

For Ileana, this test was obviously conclusive, since she managed to prove that the pickle juice did have benefits on the human body. She even said that she will continue to drink pickle juice from time to time.

Now it’s up to you to continue the experiment!

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