This Is The Insane Way Snow Is Cleared In Kazakhstan

In this part of Kazakhstan, some people have a strange way of getting the job done.

A too little known destination, Kazakhstan is quite the beautiful country! Incredible landscapes can be seen by visitors. But it is also a country where the weather can be extreme, as you will see.

When you see the coldness of the Kazakh winter, you’ll hope that the local teams of snowplows are able to work efficiently and are well equipped. However, when watching this video shot on a highway in the country, you’ll see that this is not always the case.

Surprising footage

On this footage, taken by a camera on a car, you will find that sometimes the passing of a snow plow can even make things worse. You can see that the car is driving on one side of the road, on a rather snowy lane. It finally comes across a snowplow that is working on the opposite lane, but then it sends all the snow onto the other side! Including onto the car that is filming. It is literally buried... Not an ideal way to continue to see the road and drive safely.

A technique to review

Obviously clearing one side is no use if it merely covers the other… We don’t know if it passes by again going in the other direction, but one thing is certain, we would not want to be in the place of the driver who is filming!

Check out the video above to see for yourself!

Why Is This Picture Going Viral? Why Is This Picture Going Viral?