This Extraordinary Time Lapse Video Captures A Storm Like No Other

Videographers in Australia recently posted a time-lapse of a colossal storm off the Sunshine Coast. The video leaves us in awe of the pure frightening beauty of such a natural phenomenon.

The “Sunny Coast” of Australia or Sunshine Coast as we all know it, doesn’t always seem to live up to its name…

An impressive video

The proof comes in a video captured of an impressive storm off the city of Maroochydore on 1 February. The time-lapse allows us to truly appreciate the beauty and dynamics of such a meteorological phenomenon.

You can see clouds swelling and rising into the sky, while lightning flashes in the dark of night. Bear in mind however that these images have been through a software that boosted the colour and contrast.

The time lapse, a sublime tool

One cannot count the number of time-lapse videos on youtube. But how do these budding directors make it? According to our editor, the secret to a successful time-lapse video is using the camera in manual mode. So it’s enough to equip a camera or a quality camera, a tripod so the camera remains stable and start shooting in manual mode!

The art of time-lapse was developed on YouTube where we see teenagers exploding vases or hydraulic presses crushing various objects. YouTuber Casey Neistat made a time-lapse one of his specialties with his slow landscapes and scenes of life in New York.

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