National Geographic photographer captures the end of a rainbow on video

This photographer was lucky enough to witness a rare phenomenon. He managed to capture footage of the end of a rainbow. It was magical!

© Unsplash

Some natural phenomena are fascinating. One of these is undoubtedly rainbows. They have fascinated us from a very early age and many still marvel at the sight of them.

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How do rainbows work?

As a reminder, rainbows are formed by the refraction of light by raindrops. The continuous spectrum of light is thus separated into all the colours of the rainbow. This makes them all the more enjoyable as they are not seen every day.

And what is even rarer is to see the end of one of them. But photographer Keith Ladzinski was incredibly lucky to find one. Bonus: he even managed to film it.

This video relayed on National Geographic’s Instagram account was captured in Boulder, Colorado. We can see the end of the rainbow hovering over the city before disappearing. A breathtaking sight!

A stroke of luck

It must be said that not everyone can see the end of a rainbow. The phenomenon itself depends on so many parameters that you really have to be in the right place at the right time. The distance from the observer and the position of the sun are of paramount importance, which is why no two people will ever see the same rainbow.

In 2017, a Japanese internet user was also lucky enough to find the end of a rainbow. He shared his find on Twitter, creating a buzz.

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