There Are 500 Sheep in This Photo – But No One Can Find Them

Counting sheep in your sleep may be the most boring of all the nighttime activities. However try to find them in real life while they lie amongst a field covered in snow and it is an entirely different story! Check out the video to have a look!

No One Can Spot the 500 Sheep in This Photo
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Reckon you've got a good eye? Try your luck at this illusion then. There are 500 sheep hiding in this photograph—see if you can spot them! But be kind to yourself because not a lot of people have actually been able to find the sheep...

Try to spot the 500 sheeps in this photo Twitter

This simple photograph of a field full of sheep has been driving the Internet crazy. Why? Because no one can see any sheep in it! Are they hiding in the snow? Or perhaps in the background? It's almost impossible to see them. But trust us, there really are 500 sheep in this photo. You'll be amazed when you finally find them!

Canadian farmer, Liezel Kennedy, first shared this optical illusion online a few years ago, after stepping outside one morning and was astonished to see her flock of 500 sheep seemed to have disappeared! Thankfully, the sheep were actually there all along—they're just excellent at camouflage!

Don't believe us that there are actual sheep in this photo? Check out the video above to see if you can spot them before we reveal their location!