The ‘Glasspool Belfie’ Is The Sensual Summer Challenge You’ll Either Love… Or Hate!

The ‘Glasspool Belfie’ Is The Sensual Summer Challenge You’ll Either Love… Or Hate!

Instagram is always coming up with ridiculous challenges. The latest for this summer: The Glasspool Belfie.

The Glasspool Belfie involves sticking your bum up against the glass window pane of a swimming pool and this new sexy (or sexist?) trend is already a hit on social media sites.

You’ve heard of ‘nutscaping’ which involves taking photos of your testicles in front of a beautiful background (we told you these challenges were weird and stupid…), or even the ‘under boob pen challenge’ that involves sticking a pen under your breast (yes, yes, this is actually a thing…) now there’s the Glasspool Belfie which, just like the others, seems to be taking over the minds of the weakest internet users.

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All you need is three things to be able to do this challenge: a swimming pool with transparent walls, a bikini and obviously one, or multiple pairs of butt cheeks. Then, all you have to do is stick your butt to the glass pane and ask someone to immortalise the scene with a photo that will obviously end up on social media.

Several celebrities have already taken part in this game such as Kim Kardashian and even Emily Ratajkowski.

Obviously, guys will love these types of pictures and it goes without saying that they can participate in the challenge as well!

So, what do you think of this new challenge? Check out the video above to see some of the most popular glasspool belfies so far...

Anna Wilkins
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