McDonald’s worker shows just what happens to your food when you order ‘2 minutes before closing’

One McDonald’s worker has uploaded a shocking video to TikTok showing just how they make orders that come in ‘two minutes before closing.’ The viral video managed to get over 40,000 views and shows the cook literally throwing the burger together.

We all know that McDonald’s burgers look nothing like their advertisements, in fact, more often than not they look like they have actually been haphazardly biffed into the box. Well, one TikToker who goes by the handle @willbirn has recently gone viral for showing what happens to your food when you order right before close… And he literally throws the order together.

The video shows the worker throwing two pieces of bread inside a box before dumping eight dollops of mayonnaise on top (a mayo lover’s dream). Then, the cook adds the lettuce and proceeds to throw on the cheese which lands half outside the box. Lastly, a patty is biffed in and the box is closed and shot down the packing line with the cheese still half hanging outside the package. It was the picture of a nightmare, but let’s be real after a hard night out nobody will be paying attention to the state of the burger.

Tiktok/ @willbirn

Luckily, all you Macca’s lovers can take a sigh of relief as the TikTok poster admitted the video was a complete spoof. The caption read:

When someone orders 2 minutes before close. Just a joke I promise.

Joke or not the post has still divided viewers and many don’t believe the video is a joke at all. One person stated:

That's what it looks like anyways no matter the time of order let's be honest.

Another chimed in saying ‘I thought this is what you do normally’.

Funnily enough, some viewers felt so strongly about the delicateness in which their artery-clogging burgers are created that the video sparked a wave of deep lashing anger, one person commented:

Two minutes before closing, so you’re still open, do your job. How would you like someone handling your food like that?

Another stated:

If you don’t love what you do then please do something else, you’re just creating negativity for other people otherwise.

Finally, one of the masses left the comment we have all been thinking deep down by stating ‘Eh I'll still eat it with no complaints’.

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