Mama's Boy: His mom is facing jail time after digging a 35ft tunnel into prison

We all know how deep a mothers love runs. There's no denying that a mum would do just about anything for their babies. This is true for the animal kingdom as well as it is for humans. On mother in the Ukraine showed just how much she loved her boy when she tried to break him out of prison.

What do you think your mum would do if you went to prison formurder? Disown you or do whatever she could to get you out? This can be quite a dilemma as most mums undoubtedly love their children very much. But when your kid is sent to jail for a crime you'd hope their mothers would let them learn their lesson.

For this Ukrainian mum whose son was sentenced to life in prison, the thought of spending a lifetime living without her baby was unthinkable. So unthinkable she decided that she would break him out... by digging her way into the prison he was jailed at.

The woman's son was jailed in Zaporizhia, a town that was about a five-hour drive from where they were from. She decided she would rent a house close to the jail in order to be able to work on freeing her son from prison.

To avoid suspicion she would only go out at night and took a motorized scooter out to a field next to the prison, where she started digging her tunnel. Armed with only shovels and pickaxes she started by digging a hole 10ft deep... which is no small feat for a 51-year-old woman working all by herself.

After the hole was dug she proceeded to dig a tunnel 35ft long that led to just under the outer walls of the prison. She proceeded to work through approximately 3 tons of earth, rock and clay to get to her boy. She was using a make-shift trolley to remove the dirt from the tunnel, according to a guard at the jail:

She had a kind of trolley, a piece of plywood with small wheels, so she could remove the soil.

She stored the dirt in a nearby garage and continued to work for nearly 3 weeks before she was eventually found and arrested. Authorities had inspected her rental home and found tools used for digging.

While we can't condonecrime, we must say that this mother's dedication to her boy is unlike any other we've seen before. Even residents of the small Ukrainian village were impressed, stating:

This mother prepared thoroughly. Perhaps she is a miner's daughter. To dig three metres deep would be hard enough. She had no excavator or anything of the kind.
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