How To Easily Make A Duplicate Key At Home Without Spending Any Money

Did you know you could make a copy of your house key in seconds? In addition to being quick, this trick won't cost you anything!

How many times have you left your house in a hurry and realized that your keys were still inside? If your head is in the clouds and you periodically spend a fortune on locksmith services, this trick is for you.

We're not judging you!

First, take a deep breath. People lock themselves out of their houses every day. You're taking matters into your own hands, that's something to be proud of!

You're going to need to grab yourself a lighter. That's the easy part.

Then, make a carbon copy by tracing the original key's shape. Using this carbon copy, take a soda can lid (preferably used, otherwise, it would be a waste) and press on it for a few minutes. Finally, you just have to carefully cut it out and tada! You have a new key in less than two minutes!

The MacGyver of locks

Thanks to this new key, you'll no longer need to stress out over your forgetfulness or the loss of that key. You can hide it under the flower pot, behind the carpet or give it to your BFF - this key won't be disappearing.

We'd even suggest doing this with all your can lids, so you're sure to have a key in all of your pockets!

If you're having a hard time following the steps listed above, you can find the tutorial in the video at the top!

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