He was too embarrassed to ask for help after sticking 20 magnetic balls in a curious place

After sticking 20 magnetic balls in a rather embarrassing place, he was too ashamed to tell his parents and ended up needing surgery to remove them.

Every young boy hits a time in their life when they get a little curious with their urges. While most may have an intimate moment with a vacuum cleaner, one 11-year-old decided that wasn't hardcore enough for him and decided to try something a little riskier...

The boy managed to stick 20 magnetic buckyballs up hispenisand of course, he couldn't get them back out.

Of course, like any self-respecting person, this young man was too ashamed to confess his mistake to his parents and instead suffered through a week of awful consequences.

The poor young lad dealt with symptoms that even grown men fear such as frequent and painful urination.

Not being able to handle it any longer the child went for a checkup at the local hospital where they finally discovered just what he had been doing.

Asia Wire

Doctor Li Honghui, chief urologist at Dongguan Children's Hospital performed a cystoscopy of the boy's bladder and saw for himself, 20 rusted metal balls sitting inside. Honghui stated:

But we couldn't remove a string of 20 spheres through a cystoscopy, so we opted for a minimally invasive surgery instead.
Asia Wire

The 11-year-old was lucky enough to go into surgery the same day where the string of balls, which reached 9.5cm, were easily removed. Dr Li added:

Children are very curious about their body as they grow. In terms of inserting objects in the urethra, we found the phenomenon in boys of two age groups - five to six, and 10 to 13.

Honghui has also encouraged parents to keep an eye on their children for frequent urination, painful urination and blood in the urine as curious boys just like this one may be ashamed to talk to their parents.

Or better yet, maybe let them know that sticking things up their penis isn't a good idea rather than letting them discover it for themselves.

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