He thought he ordered an iPhone but received something much funnier

In Thailand, a man who wanted to buy an iPhone 7 received a table in the shape of the smartphone sold by Apple instead.

He Thought He Ordered an iPhone but Received Something Much Funnier
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Ordering on the internet can sometimes hold some funny surprises in store. Earlier this month, a Chinese woman who had spent over £1,000 to buy the latest iPhone, the 12 Pro Max, received... apple yoghurt instead. But not every unusual story hides a scam.

He thought he was ordering an iPhone 7

In Thailand, a man who ordered an iPhone 7 was surprised to receive a table in the shape of the Apple smartphone instead. As the Malaysian daily The Sun Dailyreports, the man had simply not read the product description carefully enough.

The teenager had placed his order on the Asian e-commerce site Lazada (owned by the Alibaba group). No doubt wanting to take advantage of the rather low price for the device, he ordered quickly in the belief that he was getting a good deal. The rather high shipping costs should have caught his attention, however.

Surprise, surprise

So when he received the package, he realised that there was a problem. The box in which his iPhone was supposed to be was almost as big as he was! Inside was a table with the appearance of the smartphone sold by the Cupertino-based company. The details on the table are meticulously done in order to play on this resemblance. He then playfully posed with his new table on social networks, creating quite the buzz.

Before buying online, always take the necessary precautions against fake bargains, such as low-end products resold at a much higher price, or shady sites that won’t deliver the product to you…

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