Scientists Reveal Spending Too Much Time On Your Smartphone Could Have This Devastating Effect

A study conducted by US researchers has shown that being addicted to your smartphone can promote the appearance of symptoms similar to that of drug addiction.

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A study conducted by American scientists Erik Peper and Richard Harvey can represent a significant danger to your health. Published in the scientific journal NeuroRegulation, the study concluded that these electronic devices isolate us from the world around us and can play a significant role in bringing about mental health issues such as stress, anxiety and depression.

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The addiction to mobile phones is known as Nomophobia. More concretely, Nomophobia can be defined as the fear of being separated from your mobile phone.

Erik Peper took an interest in the subject after being severely affected one day, after accidentally leaving his mobile phone at home.

Researchers then proposed a survey to 135 students at the University of San Francisco and the results showed that the most anxious students, were also the ones who were most addicted to their phone. Having an addiction to your mobile phone also forms neuronal connections, similar to those caused by opioid addiction, according to the two Americans.

So, the conclusions. The pair of scientists concluded that doing several things at once with their smartphone limits their abilities to be productive during any given day. It also stops the body from naturally recuperating. Their recommendations include turning off the less important push notifications and give yourself allocated times to be on social media.

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